C. Bardawil is an art platform specialising in consultancy. We provide the opportunity to acquire contemporary art from both emerging and established artists. Our belief is that art is a repository of self-expression, something which one can live with and enjoy, in addition to providing a form of long-term investment.

Located in London, our network is formed around leading critics, artists and academics to ensure that we are informed and constantly up to date with international movements in the market. We pride ourselves on having a strong client focus and believe in timeless works, which are unaffected by trends of the contemporary art market.

C. Bardawil was founded by Cedric Bardawil. Cedric completed an MA in Contemporary Art at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, his dissertation was written on the interface of visual art and sound, bringing together two of his major interests. Since 2012 he has been consulting a range of clients on contemporary art and hosted a series of temporary exhibitions: Something in the Attic. These events focused on showcasing emerging talent in unconventional spaces, providing an immersive experience by combining visual art with music.

Prior to entering the art world, Cedric studied Business and French at Royal Holloway, University of London. He had a successful career in finance managing a major corporation’s business in Geneva, Switzerland. During these six years he began to collect contemporary art and after much consideration decided to embark the art world. Over 30 years ago his father, Eddy Bardawil established a gallery specialising in 18th Century English Furniture and Works of Art, keeping in family tradition Eddy continues to share his experience and ideas.

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